0 Архитектурное бюро «ПЛАН» — создание индивидуального интерьера и воплощение его в жизнь

Architectural Bureau PLAN was established in 1998.

Over years their high energy and inspiration have assembled a crew of professionals who are now working day and night for one goal only: to create a space both ergonomic and beautiful to meet the highest expectations.

We cooperate with our customers at all stages of the work process: from pre-estimation of the project costs at our welcoming office, and accurate calculations of each millimeter in all three dimensions of your home, to careful choosing of wallpaper pattern for your child’s room.

Amongst our works are famous night clubs and cafes, homes of show-business stars and up-market boutiques, offices and shops, religious and industrial sites. Each new order becomes a new chapter of our company history, which rolls on and on.


Yours sincerely,

Architectural & Design Bureau “Plan”. Simplicity and elegance in every detail.

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Во главе бюро стоит московский архитектор Кирилл Сокольский. 15 лет мы проектируем и создаем оригинальные интерьеры различной сложности. Реализация проектов "под ключ" включая строительные/отделочные работы, подбор отделочных материалов, мебели, элементов декора.