apts.in “Triumph Palace” housing estate

Apartment in a residential complex of premium in the north-west of Moscow. In the interior, dominated by cool tones. Classic – white top, dark bottom. White walls, chocolate-brown floors, lead-gray curtains. Lamp on the light of the “chocolate” in common with sex. Turquoise pillows on pearl white couch – blue night with grass, which grew at the TV and took the form of the rug.

Apartment mysterious and unobtrusive. No one can stop her from living her life.

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Во главе бюро стоит московский архитектор Кирилл Сокольский. 15 лет мы проектируем и создаем оригинальные интерьеры различной сложности. Реализация проектов "под ключ" включая строительные/отделочные работы, подбор отделочных материалов, мебели, элементов декора.