0 Архитектурное бюро «ПЛАН» — создание индивидуального интерьера и воплощение его в жизнь
Food production facility “Cremlin”

The dining room of the Kremlin workers opened its doors in 1966 and quickly conquered the powers that be the highest quality food and excellent service.

After almost forty years of office the “Plan” fell to the reconstruction of the Kremlin to do the dining room, crumbling over the past decades. New materials and methods of organizing space emphasize interior designed in sleek “international style.” Blonde floors and walls decorated with dolomite. Ceilings have no ornaments. Three floors binds silent panoramic elevator and a spiral staircase weightless. The wall behind the elevator shaft is made of gleaming onyx. In a delightfully comfortable dining chairs and white diffused light futuristic lamps.

Guests enjoyed dinner. View exploring space. Nostalgia for a bygone Soviet era irrevocably replaced clear knowledge that the simplicity and elegance of imperishable.

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Во главе бюро стоит московский архитектор Кирилл Сокольский. 15 лет мы проектируем и создаем оригинальные интерьеры различной сложности. Реализация проектов "под ключ" включая строительные/отделочные работы, подбор отделочных материалов, мебели, элементов декора.