Apartment at Mosfilmovskaya street

Views became the focus of meaning around which the interior of the apartment is built. He is subject to a lot inside, sometimes implicitly. Apartment solved in bright colors – floor, ceiling, walls, furniture, curtains and bookshelves. The only dark element – the bed in the bedroom, a symbol of the night, a deep sleep.

The sun peeks through the windows, and the light it goes to walk around the room, visually expanding the space. Watching selfless play of light and shadow on the smooth white wall, you realize that the window – this is not just a window. Window – the way of contemplation. And whatever theMoscowsky behind it, it is the source of much inspiration.

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Во главе бюро стоит московский архитектор Кирилл Сокольский. 15 лет мы проектируем и создаем оригинальные интерьеры различной сложности. Реализация проектов "под ключ" включая строительные/отделочные работы, подбор отделочных материалов, мебели, элементов декора.