0 Архитектурное бюро «ПЛАН» — создание индивидуального интерьера и воплощение его в жизнь

A two-storey club giant was born as a result of large-scale excavation at theInstitute ofDesign. Corresponding location, it should be a starting point for novice designers, stylists, photographers, venue for the fashion-shows and glamorous shows – just for them were created long catwalk with dressing room and the bar library. However, over time the “factory of fashion” has become a notorious night club that gathers under its vaults nightlife lovers of all stripes – from hippies to a solid audience.

The magnificent interior Fabrique devoted a lot of lines. The contrast between the beauty of rough designs and luxury decoration, skillfully painted concrete, could not be more coming this gloomy halls, glass floor between floors, through which the two levels of the club communicate with each other.

What about behind the scenes? Strong, almost mystical power of massively-floating space, which at the same pace with dance drive reaches its peak hours to three nights and not be able to accommodate the basement vaults, pouring through the glass doors to the street and merges with the lights, sinking in theMoscowRiver. By morning, staggering, fascination, people leave the institution. Necessarily to be here again – the magic Fabrique knows no exceptions.

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Во главе бюро стоит московский архитектор Кирилл Сокольский. 15 лет мы проектируем и создаем оригинальные интерьеры различной сложности. Реализация проектов "под ключ" включая строительные/отделочные работы, подбор отделочных материалов, мебели, элементов декора.